TOP DRILLING COMPANY Colombian Branch, company specialized in drilling services completion and oil well refurbishment, in the search of its organizational objectives, is aware that the company’s sustainability in a short, medium and long term, as well as the planet’s, is the result of its responsible behavior; that not only is it capable of generating solutions through innovation, but also seeks to satisfy the need of its employees, their families, its clients, and the communities where it operates.

TOP DRILLING COMPANY seeks to align all its economic, social and environmental efforts that belong to daily activities, with the Corporate Social Responsibility Management system, in order to guarantee that as an organization, it is socially responsible for:

  • Supporting and respecting the fundamental human rights that are of universal knowledge, preventing itself from becoming an accomplice by action or omission of their violation.
  • Implementing programs for the prevention of negative impacts on the environment that might be generated during operation; keeping innovative initiatives that allow the development of technologies that are respectful with the environment.
  • Developing programs against organizational corruption, against extortion and against bribery in all the procedures performed in the operation.
  • Establishing fair relationships in hiring and in product and service acquisition with our suppliers and neighbors.
  • Maintaining Quality standards in benefit of its clients; establishing win-win relationships based in fulfillment of the offer, being careful with the product which the company understands is the reason of all its operations.
  • Respecting and complying with labor laws, avoiding discrimination in employment, supporting the eradication of forced labor and being against child labor.

TOP DRILLING COMPANY understands that this is a great challenge, reason why it is interested from Management, in acting consistently every day, demonstrating this with the best example therefore contributing to the sustainable development of the Company and the country.