Ethics line


Ethics lineTOP DRILLING COMPANY SUCURSAL COLOMBIA makes the ETHICS LINE available to its employees, suppliers, contractors, shareholders and other stakeholders, with the purpose of encouraging compliance with ethical standards, as well as to prevent potential events of fraud, bad practices and irregular situations within the Branch.If you are aware of events or potential situations related to fraud, bad practices, corruption, money laundering and any other irregular situation, we invite you to report your case through this space. The ETHICS LINE has been established under security parameters that guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided as well as the protection of the identity of the person providing said information.

Among the complaints that can be made on this line are the inappropriate use and misappropriation of the Branch's assets, deliberate acts against the values and principles of ethics and conduct, violation of the Branch's rules, policies or procedures, unreliable financial information, acts of improper disclosure of privileged or restricted information and other acts considered to be contrary to the regulations.

The above complaints can be reported through the email address: