Committed to the promotion of physical and mental integrity of all our team members, clients, suppliers and contractors, to the development of well-being programs and the prevention of personal injuries and work related illnesses that generate safe and healthy work environments and avoid environmental impact, property and environmental damage, TOP DRILLING COMPANY establishes the policy of NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SMOKING AND WEAPONS, which is of mandatory compliance taking into account that a worker or contractor that is under the effects of alcohol, tobacco, psychoactive substances that generate dependency  and/or carrying any kind of weapon at the workplace represents a risk for him/herself and for his/her coworkers, the community in general, operations, equipment and the environment.

TOP DRILLING COMPANY declares that any person found to be under the influence of psychoactive drugs, alcoholic beverages and/or carrying any kind of weapon, will be forbidden entry or participation in the activities performed under direct and indirect control of the company.

The use, possession, distribution and/or commercialization of psychoactive drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or weapons in the company’s facilities is forbidden.

TOP DRILLING COMPANY reserves the right to perform random Breathalyzer tests, reactive tests to determine drug consumption and medicines in urine, prior informed consent.

All workers or contractors who wish to be linked to the Company, commit at the time of signing the corresponding contract, to accepting and complying with the provisions in this policy.

If a worker is caught under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive drugs, or carrying weapons, he must immediately stop his activities and appear before the Human Management department in order to start the due disciplinary process to establish the sanction to be imposed according to what is stipulated in the company’s internal work regulations. If a contractor or a subcontractor is caught, he will also be removed from the work area and his immediate boss will be notified about the situation and must take the necessary corrective actions. Refusing to take medical evaluations or laboratory exams when there is reason to suspect alcoholic beverage, drug or psychoactive substances consumption, will also constitute reason to start a disciplinary process and subsequent disciplinary sanction.

If the employee previously expresses having addiction problems to any of the substances previously enunciated in this policy, the company shall treat the case confidentially and shall support the employee’s participation in a rehabilitation program offered by a third party.

This policy does not apply in the case of medically prescribed drugs, without affecting the performance of the workers activity.

This policy shall be informed to all TOP DRILLING COMPANY personnel, contractors, suppliers and visitors.