Committed to the promotion of physical and mental integrity of all our team members, clients, suppliers and contractors, the development of well-being and personal injury and work related illness prevention programs that generate safe and healthy work environments and avoid environmental impact, property and environmental damage, TOP DRILLING COMPANY establishes the USE AND CARE OF PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) policy which is of mandatory compliance in order to encourage the use, care and maintenance of the personal protection equipment which are available to all our team members.

Personal protection equipment is constituted by implements that must be used by workers, contractors and visitors to protect them or minimize contact with existing dangers at the work area in order to reduce the severity of possible injuries.

In order for the equipment and elements to offer the person the required protection, the following aspects are to be considered:  

  • Provide the adequate protection equipment that meets the applicable national and international standards, being adequate to minimize operational risks and that meet safety, quality and efficiency conditions for the worker.
  • The personal protection equipment shall be used according to the danger to which the worker is exposed in the operational areas where he performs his activities such as: rigs, warehouses, patios, including contractors and third party companies that provide services to the Operators in TOP DRILLING COMPANY rigs.
  • Train in the use and maintenance of the personal protection elements and equipment.
  • Use the personal protection elements and equipment adequately.
  • Replace the deteriorated personal protection elements and equipment immediately.
  • Assign the necessary resources for the required personal protection elements and equipment.
  • All PPE shall have a technical PPE card that will be used as support for training, purchases and follow-up where the following will be indicated: brand, reference, description, image, specifications, risks it controls, work and/or operations, inspections before use, cleaning, maintenance and supplier.
  • Inspections verifying maintenance and use of the personal protection equipment will be performed in each Rig.

Visitors must use PPE according to the area they are in.

Non-observance of this policy is considered fair cause to terminate the work contract.

The use of rings, sport glasses, lose objects (bracelets, chains, ponchos, etc.), the use of hats or caps under the helmets or extensions or other materials on the helmets is strictly forbidden.

This policy applies to all employees, partners, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors and to all operations under direct and indirect control of TOP DRILLING COMPANY, related to Oil Well Drilling operations.