Committed to the promotion of physical and mental integrity of all our team members, clients, suppliers and contractors, the development of well-being and personal injury and work related illness prevention programs that generate safe and healthy work environments and avoid environmental impact, property and environmental damage, TOP DRILLING COMPANY establishes the ROAD SAFETY policy which is of mandatory compliance to all vehicles that  participate in the company’s operations facilities and  public roads.

Likewise, this policy leads to complying with the existing applicable rules and regulations; the internal policies and the client’s in what road safety is concerned. In order to comply with this purpose TOP DRILLING COMPANY declares:

  • The use of the safety belt is mandatory. These elements must be in good working condition.
  •  No overcapacity in the vehicles is allowed.
  • The vehicle mobilization   will take place between 05:00 and 19:00 hours; if a mobilization in a different schedule is required, then it must have an authorization from the Operations Superintendence and must be validated by the Physical Safety responsible of the Area.
  • TOP DRILLING COMPANY shall monitor the owners and designated driver’s responsibility regarding the verification of the preventive and corrective maintenance of the vehicles in order to guarantee their optimal performance and that the necessary control measures are established to avoid the occurrence of incidents that might damage the individual or third parties, property or the environment.
  • TOP DRILLING COMPANY reserves the right to perform inspections to verify the state of the vehicle, as well as the verification of compliance of existing legal provisions and established requirements. Non-compliance will result in rejection of the vehicle.
  • All vehicles must be equipped with fire extinguishers, emergency, spill and first aid kits.
  •  Drivers must always wear seatbelts during the journeys in vehicles and drive taking defensive driving principles into account.
  •  Drivers must know and comply with existing national traffic rules and regulations, as well as with technical and safety rules and regulations; must have all lawful documents, must be certified in defensive driving and comply with the guidelines of each field where TOP DRILLING COMPANY provides its services with the purpose of avoiding incidents and keeping cargo and the vehicle in optimal conditions.
  • Drivers must keep the radio at a low volume and restrain from speaking through their mobile, in order to be alert to acoustic signals in the environment and avoid distractions.
  • Heavy vehicles must have a reverse horn, black light inspection for fifth tire and King Pin must be in force. Heavy vehicles must not be used to transport personnel.
  •  All load must be duly secured and must comply with the supplier’s recommendation.
  •  It is strictly forbidden to use any vehicle under the influence of: alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics. Non-compliance with this disposition shall be subject to disciplinary measures, including firing according to what is stipulated in the NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and DRUGS OR WEAPONS policy.
  • Rental vehicles used for personnel transportation must not be older than a five year old model, must have driver performance monitors, communication system, seat belts on all seats, emergency kit, reflective vest cones and reverse horn; must be diesel vehicles with the ability to travel through secondary roads and if they are pick-up trucks, they must be 4x4 and have a minimum of an air bag for the driver and a roll bar that is to be welded to the chassis.

This policy applies to all employees, partners, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and all activities performed under direct or indirect control of TOP DRILLING COMPANY, regarding the Oil Well Drilling operations.

The omission of this policy will expose your life and that of others, resulting in the imposition of disciplinary actions that are considered a just cause to terminate the work contract.