Vanessa Walteros

Vanessa María Walteros Ramírez has over 11 years of professional experience, during which she has worked in the legal management, corporate governance and commercial contracts fields, focusing on legal support, corporate issues and legal representation of multinationals in the OIL & GAS sector. She is currently the Contract Manager of Top Drilling Company, with expertise in legal and contractual business development, maximizing its financial and operational performance and minimizing risk.

During the last 6 years as legal manager and special attorney, Vanessa has developed the legal and administrative basis for branches of foreign oil companies in Colombia, applying her knowledge in commercial and hydrocarbon law, as well as her experience as a Civil Judge and in judicial proceedings before civil courts.

  • Vanessa graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad de Ibagué
  • She has a post-graduate degree in Commercial Law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • She acted as a Civil Judge in 2012